Friday, January 4, 2013

Incredible footage of BBC cameraman and hungry polar bear

Clearly she just wants a Coca Cola!

Sig Sauer 1911 range footage

PJTV: Libs Launch War on Guns, and Chris "Tingles" Matthews Has a Very S...

Shoot to Kill

.40s SUCK

Milton Friedman on Donahue #2

Today Show: Biden's Got A Future As Host Of The Family Feud

CNN's Gloria Borger: Hagel Against Sanctions But For Talking With Hamas

[WTF!??] Woman Was Unmarried... So She Wasn't Raped? | NewsBreaker | Ora TV

Gun Control: Won't Solve the Problem....

Morning Update » The Real War

Schumer: No debt ceiling negotiation, period

Case Highlights Legal Issues for Sperm Donors

Al Gore Sells Out to Oil Rich Qatar and Islamist Mouthpiece Al Jazeera

PJTV: Chicago Murder Rate Proves That Liberals Do Not Care About Gun Deaths

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan explains vote on fiscal cliff

'You Rotten Bastard'- Libtalker To Dr Charles Krauthammer

House passes Sandy relief bill

Ann Coulter: Why Can't We Publish List Of Women Who Get Abortions?

Jim DeMint on Success and Failure

Pathetic Loony Lefties Calling For The "Outlawing of Billionaires"

PJTV: Obama Replacing Classics with Government Propaganda

PJTV: Sneak Peek-- Hot Seat with Bill Whittle: How Do Conservatives Comp...

PJTV: Fiscal Cliff Drama Results in More Debt, More Taxes and More Spending

Pelosi Defends Altered Photo of Congresswomen

President Auto-Pen: The Great Eight

Google Hangout on the Fiscal Cliff Deal

"American Heritage Girls"

Hostages of Mali Islamists: kidnapped Algerian diplomats plead for help ...

US Economy Adds 155K Jobs, Rate Stays at 7.8 Pct

Nobody Cares About Economic History pt1

WARNING: Tons of Gun Control Bills Came Out - HOUSE

Save Us Chuck - Stupid Laws (Michigan)

Pres. Reagan Believed in 2nd Amendment Despite Assassination Attempt

Algore-Jazeera 2 + Tech Blog Libs Have No Idea What Happened in Benghazi...

AP Top Stories

Pakistani Malala released from UK hospital: schoolgirl campaigner has be...

Anti-government protests rage in Iraq

US troops arrive in Turkey to man Patriot system to protect Turkey from ...

Morsi brands Jews 'pigs and apes': 2010 interview comments suggest deep ...

Searching for Something Positive Amid the Theatrics pt3

Searching for Something Positive Amid the Theatrics pt2

Cliff Deal Left Asset Wealthy Untouched pt2 + Searching for Something Po...

Md. Inmates Train Service Dogs for Veterans

Thomas Sowell - The Future Of Social Security

Islamist group breaks truce in Mali conflict