Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Israeli anti-ballistic missile system debuts

Benghazi: From Marine to Commander-in-Chief

Virginia Gun Violence Falls as Gun Sales Soar

GOP Blocks Bill to Give Hunters More Land Access


Innocence of Muslims creator has "no regrets"

Iran warships in Sudan for 'routine visit'

Hungarians protest anti-Semitic politician

Background on Jobbik on Wikipedia

Their own website Jobbik.com

Egyptian protesters clash with police

CBS News: Rift Opening Between Obama And Liberals Over Fiscal Cliff

Morsi Power Grab Ignites Anger in Tahrir Square

Obama Back in Campaign Mode, Tackles Fiscal Cliff Crisis

Krauthammer: Obama's Not Trying to Fix Fiscal Problems, He's Trying to D...

Obama confident of stronger ties with Mexico

Rand Paul Warns of GOP Becoming Dinosaur, Cites Robotic Squirrels - CNN

US Mexico drug war toll

Susan Rice meetings leave lawmakers uneasy

Vanessa Riddle on STV News

Vanessa Riddle - 100K Challenge - The Five 11/21/2012

Liberal Logic: Mia Love vs Susan Rice

Are You A Rational Person

Insuring against catastrophe

News Whiparound - Tuesday, November 27th

Republican senators say Rice meeting-

Killer robots to replace soldiers by 2035

Egypt's Brotherhood Defends Mursi Amid Clashes

Judge Napolitano Fiery Response to Privacy Bill: It's Wrong That the Sen...

Judge Napolitano 'Too Fat to Fly' Lawsuit Against Delta Will Be Dismiss...

Yasser Arafat: was he poisoned?

Rep. Michele Bachmann on embassy attacks

Rebuilding on the Jersey Shore After Hurricane Sandy

Paul: We should fix entitlements because they are broken

GOP continues criticism of Susan Rice over Benghazi attack

Obama Launches Fiscal Cliff Campaign

Obama Benghazi Investigation:Why Obama Hid the Truth of Chris Stevens Ki...

REAGAN To Blame For Black Friday Crowds: Libtalk Kook

Rick Warren Q&A: Twitter and same-sex marriage


2013 budget approved by Portugal parliament

Cairo protestors denounce "autocratic decree" of President Mursi

Michael Reagan: George W. Bush Needs to Stand Up & Stop Taking Blame for...

Obama Benghazi Investigation-OBAMA MAY GO TO PRISON & BE IMPEACHED!

Terrorists viewing Benghazi as a 'model' for attacks?

WH Grilled About Democrats Wanting To Go Over the Fiscal Cliff

A History of Heroes - Air Station Los Angeles

Watch: 96-year-old man defends home against intruders

Let Obama Drive Off the Fiscal Cliff

Protesters return to Tahrir Square

WH Press Secretary Pressed On Democrat Divisions Over Fiscal Cliff

Sexiest Man Alive? 'Onion' Pranks N. Korean Leader

Iranian POV: Afghans must brace for US mercenary terror

Streets of Egypt Rocked by Presidential Protests

Fiscal cliff could be housing's worst nightmare - Sharga

David Friedman on How to Privatize Everything

Sen. Kelly Ayotte: Ambassador Susan Rice Said

Palestinian UN bid : French FM says France will vote in favour of UN non...

"American Revolution #2"

Third assassination attempt kills Mexican mayor

Hurricane Sandy Victim Upset After Being Played By Obama

Morsi opponents rally in Cairo against new powers

Friedrich Hayek vs Wealth Redistributionist

Thomas Sowell vs Statist on Government Programs for Minorities

Rice faces Capitol Hill grilling

Fiscal cliff negotiations continue

Eye Opener: Rice on the hot seat

That AINT Capitalism

X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) Hoisted to USS Harry S. Truman (...

First Operational F-35 Squadron Honored in Historic Ceremony

Palestinians proceed with UN Statehood bid despite Israeli and US opposi...

Israel rebuilds: aid appeal for southern Israeli communities hit by Gaza...

Egypt on edge of new turmoil as Islamists 'fill post-Mubarak vacuum'

Married under rocket fire: how Israeli couples managed to tie the knot d...

OECD slashes global growth forecasts over euro zone risk

Egypt: opponents dig in despite Mursi compromise

Morsi 'Pharoah' protests: Western tourists remain defiant despite Egypt ...

Mali Islamist terror fears growing: French hostage appeals to Paris for ...

Two men spend 12 days in custody for Facebook posts against politicians

Inside Story Americas - The frenzy over the US 'fiscal cliff'

26/11 - Is Mumbai still vulnerable?

Greece is given a life-line after marathon talks in Brussels

Mother Arrested in Disappearance of Ohio Boy, 3

Protests continue over Egyptian President Morsi's power move

Chancellor Merkel addresses Jewish Council

Hezbollah set up Gaza smuggling network

Latest report on the exhumation of Arafat's remains

Congress comes back from break to tackle fiscal cliff

Likud's New Leading Team: We are Ideological and Loyal

US congress faces challenge over procedure change


I post this European political stuff to help me and my visitors better understand the political context of our allies and adversaries

Mass Rio protest over oil royalty measure

Many Facebook friends said to raise stress levels

Anger over Dutch anti-Israel comedy sketch

'Zero Dark Thirty': Real-Life Stories Behind Controversial OBL Film

Defence Minister Barak announces 2013 resignation

'Zero Dark Thirty': Real-Life Stories Behind Controversial OBL Film