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UKIP Foster Care Story Information

From the Telegraph:
Foster parents 'stigmatised and slandered’ for being members of Ukip
A couple had their three foster children taken away by a council on the grounds that their membership of the UK Independence Party meant that they supported “racist” more

From the Yorkshire Post
AN under fire Yorkshire council has sparked outrage by removing three children from the care of foster parents because they are members of the Ukip political party.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council removed the children because the couple’s political affiliation was seen as being at odds with the youngsters’ European backgrounds.

By the council’s own admission the youngsters were happy and there was no question mark over the foster parents’ provision of care.

Tonight, council leader Roger Stone announced the Labour-run authority would investigate what had happened after mounting condemnation from political leaders including Education Secretary Michael Gove and Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Mr Stone said: “We are going to investigate to make sure everything has been done professionally...Read More

More on the Blaze
A spokesman for Rotherham metropolitan borough council issued the following statement on the matter:
After a group of sibling children were placed with agency foster carers, issues were raised regarding the long-term suitability of the carers for these particular children.

With careful consideration, a decision was taken to move the children to alternative care. We continue to keep the situation under review.

But “review” or not, Ukip party leader Farage is furious with the decision.
“I am outraged politically and very upset for them. I think this is the kind of thing where we need some sort of decree from a Government minister that Ukip is not a racist party,” Farage said.

From Channel4News

From Russia Today

Background on the UK Independence Party (UKID):
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Police called to protect Caracas synagogue

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Sharia Zones in Norway? Fears of radicals grow amid 'imported' immigrants

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Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago. This is amazing insight!

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