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Obama Is Absolutely To Blame For Benghazi

How do I now that Barack Obama is to blame for what happened in Banghazi? There are two reasons that come to mind.

The first is that he is/was in charge and as I learned in the Navy, when the ship runs aground the skipper gets the blame even if he is not on the ships bridge when it happens. That is just how it works. It is part of being a leader, think of it having the Sword of Damocles hanging over you all the time. That is reason number one. Therefore, even if he is not at fault he still is.

That is almost too easy though so that brings us to reason number two. We know he is personally at fault (he was on the figurative bridge at the time) because none of his subordinates who could have the debacle reasonable blamed on them has been held to account. One might argue that if it was the fault of either General Carter F. Ham or Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette then their being relieved of their commands is the “being held to account.”

Although this argument seems reasonable in a reasonable world, we must not forget that whether we like it or not this is politics. Had either of these men actually been responsible I can assure you via media back channels or right out front at a press conference the boom would have been lowered upon them. This has not happened, only denials of any suggestion they are leaving their jobs for any reason other than normal rotations.

This applies to all of Obama’s subordinated sans one, Hillary Clinton. Anyone “under” Obama who was actually at fault would have the full force of not just law but the media placed up him or her. Do not doubt this because the election is days away. The reason Hillary is not being tossed in front of the figurative propeller (I hate the” under the bus” expression), is because it would still hurt him politically and the last thing he needs is the Clintons coming out against him during the waning days of this election. However, if Obama wins the election expect to see Hillary politically destroyed by Obama to insulate himself from possible impeachment.

In summary, the reasons Obama is clearly at fault is that 1) he is the boss and 2) the administration and its media surrogates have not pointed a finger at anyone as a means of providing political cover or political advantage to Obama.

More brilliance from the genius that is Michael Ramirez.

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Debunked: Here’s the Explanation for the ‘Made in China’ Romney Hat You’re Seeing on Facebook

Debunked: Here’s the Explanation for the ‘Made in China’ Romney Hat You’re Seeing on Facebook theblaze.com/stories/debunk… via @theblaze

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What a Jerk!

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Remember this November 6, 2012

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