Friday, May 13, 2011

Haley Responds to Labor Ruling Against Boeing

Woman Sues Chuck E. Cheese!!!!

George W. Bush Leads the Warrior 100

"Stick Together"

I think he is probably a nice guy and all. However this as is about as racist as it gets, sad part is he probably does not realize it. Part of me thinks we are being punked by him. His other ads including "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" starting his good friend and campaign manager Sean Astin are just as weird and a little funny and not at all offensive. One ad is titled "My Dad Get's S**T done" it features a kid playing basketball bragging about their dad's it climaxes with a kid (his son I assume) saying "My dad get's shit done" and then he dunks the basketball.

This was actually a pretty cute camaign until this mega OOPS by Adler and his team

Check out his ads on Youtube

I actually think this is a case of an attempt to be tongue and cheek going horribly wrong.

I must point out that if he was a Republican this would be the #1 story for days at all major media outlets.

One commenter in his Youtube account posted the following comment, pretty much sums it up.

I laughed for a while at the "stick together" video and then I realized it was real and then I cried.

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