Monday, August 11, 2014

Jesse Ventura Tosses Dead Puppies at Widows

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  1. Ventura defrauded Minnesota to become Governor by lying about being a SEAL.
    Ventura defrauded the SEALS into thinking he was a SEAL who became Governor.
    Ventura Wifey Terry lied under oath to make Ventura look human to the jury.
    SO WHAT?
    To try and make Ventura look human his attorney's put his Wifey Terry on the stand.
    Wifey Terry lied under oath when she testified that her husband never disparaged
    military personnel, and she lied when she said has never known him to lie.
    In this video you will hear Ventura disparage Leslie Davis by calling him "Army Puke" 3 times,
    and SEAL Commander Salisbury "puke" 2 times.
    In the video Ventura insists he was a SEAL and Wifey knew that was a lie.
    The woman standing next to Ventura is Wifey and she heard him disparage and lie yet
    she lied to the jury about it and materially impacted their decision.
    Posted by Leslie Davis 612-529-5253
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